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  • 3 weeks ago
    The word -REFUSE- carries a lot more weight than decide. . “I decided to increase my income” versus “I REFUSE to live paycheck to paycheck another month!” . “I decided my boss can’t treat me that way.” VS “I REFUSE to be spoken to with anything other than the respect I give.” . “I decided I’m going to wear that bikini anyway.” VS “I REFUSE to feel ashamed about my body!” . “I decided it’s time to find my joy.” VS “I REFUSE a subpar, mediocre existence.” . “I decided to get stronger.” VS “I REFUSE to not be able
  • 3 weeks ago
    Ok ladies and gentlemen... Yes even you gentlemen can use these... I am placing my order today for these amazing eye patches!! Contact me for an order or even just a sample to try.  #mymklife   #wildareafamily   #bfna2019 
  • 4 weeks ago
    Winning!!  #mymklife   #bfna2019   #wildareafamily   #auction 
  • 3 weeks ago
    Happy World Kindness Day! . This photo reminds me of the experience I had just leaving this beach. . There were several homeless people living right across the street. . And as I left the CVS and the sun was beginning to set, I passed one. : Struggled in my mind… . Roya! You’ve got to get back to your Airbnb before the sunsets! Just go! . I literally turned my body back-and-forth three times and said in my head “dammit!” . And of course went back into the store. . I have this thing that I absolutely have to