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  • Okay its our hump day challenge   Send your
    2 months ago Okay, it’s our hump day challenge. ✌ ⠀ Send your bad thoughts back to where they came from! (some kind of hell, right?) ⠀ For every single bad thought you have about yourself today make a conscious effort to tell them to piss off and raise them with two things you love about yourself. ⠀ It’s mind blowing when you realize how many times you put yourself down without even noticing. Let us know how you get on.
  • A boss instills fear A leader inspires confidence A boss
    2 months ago A boss instills fear. A leader inspires confidence. A boss assigns blame. A leader takes responsibility. A boss demands loyalty. A leader extends trust. A boss controls people. A leader empowers people A boss is often guarded. A leader is transparent. You will never be a leader that others love to follow if you aren't a leader that loves people.
  • Is there something you could make an active choice to
    1 week ago ‍♀️Is there something you could make an active choice to change? Something that would make your health or your life better? Think about all the unnecessary things we spend money on.....  #truthbetold   #truthbomb   #thoughtsfortheweek   #puretoni   #senselessspending   #yourhealthisanINVESTMENTnotanEXPENSE   #ourworkchangeslives 
  •         5
    2 months ago Ради такого состояния и результата, я готова ещё 5 раз перелететь в Австралию туда/обратно. Даже без вай-фай на борту) а впереди ещё 4 дня тренинга...  #DateWithDestiny   #LoveMyLife   #Australia   #TonyRobbins   #Gratitude   #OurWorkChangesLives 
  • Business with pleasure! thank you Lord for the blessings we
    2 days ago Business with pleasure! thank you Lord for the blessings. we are the instrument of change & helping people secure their future.  #ourworkchangeslives