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  • 34 mins ago
    ▪️I'm a Boss Babe! I've just started my own Mary Kay business, and my Grand Opening is coming soon! I'll be in touch with all the details so you can join in on the fun! Click the link in my bio to start shopping your New Favorite Products Now!!  #mymklife   #mymklife 💗💄💖💋
  • 7 mins ago
    "By applying the go give principles, you have the opportunity to enrich the lives of other on daily basis. All yoi have to do to be successful is remember that if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want." Mary Kay . 🌸  #MyMKLife  begitu berkesan didlm hati. Mary Kay bukan sekadar business tetapi kekeluargaan. A lots of supportive people, Sisterhood yg menolong selagi boleh . 🌸 Mary Kay has made me confident person, positive thinker and has taught me how to successfully manage and running my own business❤️ . 🌸 Even part time
  • 9 mins ago
    By applying the go-give principles,you have the opportunity to enrich the lives of others on a daily basis.All you have to do to be successful is remember that if you help enough people get what they want,you will get what you want. I love  #MyMKLife  because 🎊I felt so happy when I see people skin better than before❤️ 🎊I felt so happy when they achieve their life goal through Mk career❤️  #marykaymysg   #Power13Da7   #SilverWingsCycleDay7 
  • 36 mins ago
    🌚Charcoal Mask Mary Kay🌚 ▪ menghidrat Kulit Anda ▪ Menghilangkan minyak berlebihan ▪ Menarik kekotoran ▪ bersih ke dalam mnarik keluar minyak daripada pembersih ▪ Membuat kulit lebih cerah dan glowing ▪ Mengurangkan penampilan liang-liang pori 🌚 Perbezaan Charcoal PEEL OFF Topeng? ⬇ ❌ Merosak, mengoyak, dan membesar lagi liang pori ❌ Membuang lapisan pertama kulit rasa sakit ❌ 😭 🌚  #marykaymalaysia   #charcoalmaskmarykay   #charcoalmask   #marykay   #mymklife   #ilovemarykay   #ilovemk   #kulitberminyak   #jerawat   #cantik   #flawless   #wangsamaju   #ukayperdana   #bukitantarabangsa   #melawati   #setapak   #Keramat   #ampang   #gombak   #cheras 
  • 45 mins ago
    i love my mary kay life sebab boleh join class dgn kids,join class dimana2 shj pd bila2 masa shj..dpt recognition dr company dan jg SD..❤️❤️❤️ jom bersama kami!  #janapendapatan   #power13MYSGDay7   #myMKlife   #silverwingscircle   #MaryKayMySg 
  • 24 mins ago
    我喜欢玫琳凯除了因为在这里我可以帮助到他人变美美💕自己也从中获益良多、建立了不少情谊❤️ 在这里我们就是自己的老板😍作息时间由自己来规划、财务方面自由、可以每天享受家庭乐生活、从中也学到很多知识帮助自我提升、也认识了许多姐妹、重点是自己的美丽自信也增加了❤️  #ILoveMaryKay   #MyMKLife   #Power13Cycle3   #MaryKayMySg   #SilverWingsCycleDay7 
  • 15 mins ago
    I love  #MyMKlife  because I saw the smile, pretty, satisfied and confident faces after every single beauty classes. I feel great that I could help, teach and beauty them from skin care and makeup skills. I am not perfect but I would try my best to share whatever I know. As a beauty consultant, I will care your skin like my own skin. As a leader, I will guide you untill you achieve your goals and dreams. Love you all 😘😘😘  #VoonPaiMKLife   #marykaykuching   #Power13   #marykaymysg 
  • 30 mins ago
    🌸Silver Wing Cycle Day 7🌸 玫琳凯是个很棒的公司💗 它能让我们免费学习🌟 从保养、彩妆、时间管理等等…… 学习无止境,一天进步一点。 愿意承诺自己,为了实现梦想。 相信自己,成就无限。 💟❤️💟❤️💟❤️💟❤️💟❤️💟❤️ 在玫琳凯生活优先秩序里 💜信念第一 💙家庭第二 💚事业第三 #美丽自信 #我爱玫琳凯  #ilovemarykay   #MyMKLife   #Power13   #ilovemyMKlife   #MarykayMySg 
  • 42 mins ago
    I ❤️  #MyMKLife  because its really help me in building myself. In Marykay we have career path so we're able to grow ourself and expand our wings in this journey.Kita boleh naik pangkat lebih senang drpd kerja biasa yang susah sangat nak naik pangkat. . Besides, I become more confidence, kinder, spiritual, go-give person, more punctual and better at time management⌚ So many good values that I have learn in this pink journey. You guys should join me and give yourself a chance to become the better version of you!  #MaryKayMySg   #Power13MYSGDay8   #silverwingcycle   #fabuloussoulunit   #richestrubyarea 
  • 22 mins ago
    I love  #mymklife  感恩我在玫琳凯🥰😍 不只是姐妹朋友多了,更棒的是有免费旅游,免费与海内外老师学习。。 还有还有免费钻石戒指💍💍和粉红轿车。。等等 在对的生活圈子 你才会真的发现 你就是不一样❤  #MaryKayMySg   #SilverWingsCycleDay7   #Power13  __________________________________ 欢迎免费找我咨询吧❤ 📲 Wechat: leefongmk 📸 IG: leefong12 👤 🌐 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 在这里真诚的和各位爱漂亮、有梦想、爱学习、要了解,要赚钱,要创业,要节省保养品的消费,不满意现状的女性分享。。 来来来,联系我 RM70打开你梦想的大门,愿意吗🙋‍♀️ #彩妆达人 #保养护肤专家 #我热爱我的美丽事业 #我热爱帮助她人皮肤变美💎 #妃琳家族何止幸福  #ilovemyjob   #marykaymalaysia   #celebrating20years   #marykaypenang   #marykaylife   #beautyconcept   #marykaybeautyconsultant   #ilovemkcareerpenang   #marykaycosmetics   #businessopportunity   #extraincome   #financialfreedom   #freetrips   #LOVElife  #活出爱
  • 18 hours ago
    I am going to talk about  #georgefloyd  today. Dreams. Desires. Wants. Intentions. Anyone can dream. A four-year-old can dream. You are not 4 any more. You have a destiny to play out. And you have a part to play in this world. And you have humanity to interconnect with. Today I was going to write about you digging in to make that dream happen. To say that “I love you” to the person you’ve been holding back on. To write the apology letter. To stand in the gap for the whisper on your heart but I’m going to broaden it
  • 6 days ago
    Masculine Monday… It’s Memorial Day! Today is a day to give thanks for the FREEDOM we have to all our fallen soldiers and their families. You may be feeling stuck and limited in your choices right now… But if  @nelson_mandela  never felt trapped by his jail, how can we?!! You are limited only by your imagination. So can you rise today and get a little bit more creative, a little bit more imaginative, a little bit more determined to create escapes right where you are. What are some creative experiences you’ve had or have planned?  #memorialdayweekend   #happymemorialday   #memorialday2020   #honorourheroes   #honorourveterans 
  • 1 week ago
    Have you bought in to the belief that high achievement comes at too high a cost? Are you now living subpar to the life you know you could have? It’s time for an uncoupling and a rewiring. Sis you can have “IT”. The place that sets your soul on fire. The space that lights you up and reminds you what you’re made of! The lifestyle you dream about and the priorities you’re committed to! It takes discernment, definitive decisions, awakening and rewiring. Stop lying to yourself. Wake up! And grab your life by the collar… You’ve got what it takes
  • 1 week ago
    You are variety. You are SHE! No longer can you sit in a box or be put into one. Owning your unique she means doing and being and liking whatever it is you want. Free of the fear of criticism and judgment. Free of shaming. Free of restricting and constricting. Whether you toss on sweats, put your hair in a bun and never wash your face or stilettos every day, lashes to the nine and formfitting clothing… YOU are SHE! You- me - we make  #she ! When we place judgment on our sisters, we reduce the choice as far ourselves.
  • 2 weeks ago
    Grab your BIG dream by the collar. You can too! So grateful to  #MARYKAY  and  #WildAreaFamily  for this magical moment. (You’ve got to watch to the end to see the song my son insisted we played in gratitude and love.)