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All that’s required is the Kit, however, we do recommend that you get product on hand in addition.  Some get a purse full. Some a store full.  Some don’t get any at all.  It’s totally up to you.  Based on your personal goals we will make a recommendation of product on hand and you will make your own decision.  You have a biz coach in your hip pocket guiding you and you’re your own boss!

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  • 1 week ago
    Take your power back! Are you going to be on team victory or team defeat? It’s never what happens to us… It’s the MEANING that we attach and hovering on both sides of the fence gets us nowhere. Take ACTION in a POSITIVE direction of potential. You are better than the masses. Rise up! * See the full interview at under podcasts  #choices   #IDoHardThings   #wildareafamily   #coronaviruspandemic   #mindset   @iamjustinprince 
  • 2 weeks ago
     #coronavirusquarantine  and  #kidsathome  Don’t let the smile fool you...there is a lot we all are dealing with on a ton of levels right now. What to do? 1️⃣stop resisting what is 2️⃣if you have a partner sit down and devide and conquer (even if u stay home - you can not be 24/7 so perhaps your ‘tag out’ time is on parts of the weekends or hours in the evening to nourish yourself) 3️⃣establish a new routine with your kiddos and if they are old enough, have them be a part of it as people support that which they create.
  • 11 hours ago
    Stand strong You are stronger than you think!! Bolder than you imagine. More courageous then you know. Trust the process. Lean in. Tell yourself that your test will be your testimony! Demand to find the window in the brick wall. When you burn the bridge of indecision and frustration and decide you will rise… You WILL! Cheering you on!! Tag someone you believe in. Even the strongest needs to be reminded they are believed in. . . .  #pandemic2020   #pandemic   #socialdistancing   #socialdistancing2020   #unrest   #layoff   #layoffs   #anxietyrelief   #strongwomen   #strongertogether   #strongerthanyesterday   #femaleentrepreneur   #femaleempowerment   #femaleentrepreneurs   #femaleceo   #wellbehavedwomenrarelymakehistory   #riseup   #yesyoucan   #coach   #femalecoach   #mymklife   #wildareafamily 
  • 2 weeks ago
    Tossing out a bit of fun today. These brought a smile to my face… I hope they do the same for you!  #covid19quarantine  entertainment. Also, head to my brother  @rahmein88  page for some laughter 😄  #covid_19   #covidmemes   #justforfun   #wildareafamily  Thanks  @lizmocheezmo  and  @cindymacmk  for some of this entertainment.
  • 7 days ago
    Feeling crowded? During this time of social distancing, we can also feel quite crowded. Whether you are in a small or a large living space, if you live with others you are now closer to 24/7 together than ever before. Most of us are used to a variety in our day - from going to the workout > to work > to home and now it’s work is in the home, work out in the home, home in the home!! I’d love to know your tips… My two so far are: 1️⃣communicated uninterrupted, focused work time at least a couple

  • 4 weeks ago
    Over $18M raised for  @ourrescue  saving 15,533 children from human trafficking.  @tonyrobbins  birthday was THE MOST beautiful evening. I spent majority of it crying love-tears! One quote from the evening I want to share with all of you...“Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray”... it will be impossible for your heart not to be stolen by this initiative once you learn about the incredible work  @ourrescue  and  @timballard89  are doing for this world. . Happy birthday  @tonyrobbins  ❤️  #ourworkchangeslives  . P.S. we managed to take zero pics besides this one after bawling our eyes out.
  • 2 weeks ago
    💥LIVE with John Reeves! 💥This upcoming week we are kick starting a series of FREE educational webinars to help you understand different areas of real estate. 🏠Becoming a Homeowner 📈Successfully Investing in Real Estate 🔑Home Selling 🇺🇸VA Home Loan Benefits You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Sign Up NOW! Click the link in our bio for dates and times. . . . .  #realtor   #realestate   #sandiegorealestate   #sandiegorealtor   #sandiegorealtors   #firsttimehomebuyer   #movingtosandiego   #sandiego   #johnreevesteam   #ourworkchangeslives   #Sandiegorealestate   #socalliving   #sellingsandiego   #ilovesandiego   #webinar   #realestatefacts 
  • 1 month ago
    “On a team, it’s not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of a unit and how they all function together.”-Bill B.  #johnreevesteam   #reefpointrealestate   #ourworkchangeslives 
  • 2 months ago
    We are growing our Coaching Team! . . . Are you ready to Change Lives and Be the Best Hour of someone's Day?? . . . If your intrested (or know someone who is) in joining Black Bar Fitness to pave the way in Health, Fitness and Nutrition, Please email, reach out and connect with us! . . . . ..  #blackbarcrossfit   #smallbusiness   #growingourteam   #blackbarstrong   #coaching   #thefunjob   #coachingislife   #whatyoudomatters   #ourworkchangeslives 
  • 3 weeks ago
    We're going to tell about about utilizing one of the greatest opportunities you have! There is a lack of knowledge out there on the VA Home Loan and we want to educate our veterans and what mistakes to avoid in buying a home💪 1) The VA loan can be used multiple times!!! It's not like other benefits that can go away. This benefit for a doesn't expire. 2) You can have many loans out at a time. *This is depending on county limits 3) 0 DOWN! The VA Loan is one of the few programs in the country that