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An immediate MUST-HAVE tool

Hello!  Roya created this flip chart with LOVE to strongly take you through all of the results you want from a skincare class party, as her class average is TRIPLE the company’s average.  When you practice and follow this flip chart, you can immediately have the exact same results! Enjoy this SPECIAL GIFT!  Special thanks to the countless women who provided ideas, content, and/or inspiration for this tool.

If you do not have a Flip Chart at all please print this entire document

W.I.L.D. Area TW 3-D Full Flip Chart 2018

Print to update your existing Flip Chart

W.I.L.D. Area TW 3-D Flip Chart pgs to print professionally

W.I.L.D. Area TW 3-D Flip chart Pgs to print professionally or yourself

W.I.L.D. Area TW 3-D Flip Chart written inserts to print on full label sheet

W.I.L.D. Area TW 3-D Flip Chart Assembly Instructions

Part 1: Opening Like You OWN it

Part 2: The Miracle in the Middle

Part 3: Close It at the Table Like a Pro

Part 4: 1-on-1 Close

The \’Art of the Close\’ is a timeless skill. I had this is video PROFESSIONALLY created some time ago. The sets are different than what we have today. Simply substitute the names for ‘Pockets 1 – 4’

Skincare Class Informal with Q & A After

Skincare Class Formal TimeWise 3D