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I’m passionate about changing lives.  Here’s what some have to say:

Roya has been a first class mentor to me in my Mary Kay business. She has breathed belief into me countless times, and picked me up when I was near giving up. Her talent is being able to get you to dig deep to find what is at the core of your present problem or stumbling block. She doesn’t tell you what is wrong, but through her questions, leads you to find the answer. Now that is a mentor!!! Roya has also helped me to improve my skin care class and surveying skills with her videos and trainings at Fall Advance and Jumpstart. It is so true that you need to reach up in order to get the proper help.

Terry McEnaneyIndependent Beauty Consultant

Roya helped me through a tremendous breakthrough. She opened my eyes to a fruitful future by healing the child within. I stepped out of my debilitating introversion and sleep challenges to social confidence and full night’s sleep. I recommend her services to anyone that is ready to make a potent and lasting change.


I have been going through course after course in self-development and one conversation with Roya has transformed the way that I connect with people, enhanced my marriage and answered questions I’d been asking myself for YEARS. I went from waking every 3 to 4 hours to sleeping 7+ hours a night!

Margret Chuang

I love Roya and her Team. They keep me up to date on the latest products. I never run out of my products because they contact me on a regular basis. I have attended several of their FUN events AND they also help me with my holiday gift shopping. I have been using Mary Kay skin care products for over 30 years because it works. At age 57, I still get compliments on my skin. Thank you Team Roya and Mary Kay XOXOXO

Lynn HeinrichsA Happy Client

If you are looking for clarity and confidence to pursue your goals, Roya is a great coach. Within an hour of working together, she made some very astute observations that helped me reframe my skills and move beyond my limiting beliefs.

Kim Hall

I watched Roya work with a woman who is in her 30’s and has struggled with self-esteem issues her whole adult life. Roya was able to identify what it was that was limiting her growth, joy, relationships, and every aspect of her life. It was a tragic situation that she had blocked from her memory all those years and yet she subconsciously carried it with her. Once this was uncovered, Roya continued to work with her to rebuild her image of herself and everything she is capable of. In 30 minutes and lots of tears, hugs, smiles, and laughs…this woman’s life was forever changed.

Emily Hervieux

You know that moment when you realize that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be? I am so glad for all my past and for all my learning experiences. For all those moments where I was alone in the valley of darkness learning from my stubbornness. In the moments of self-doubt, struggles, fearfulness of approval, the sense of belonging and the total release of power…is when you hear THE voice!! The one that tells you the right from wrong. The one that tells you what direction to face. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. For the past few months, I’ve been doubting all the good I’ve been doing, the willpower to keep going and continuing with my career… I am excited for all of the positive sister sales directors I have to lean on when I am weak and can’t see the success. Roya Mattis, you are one amazing woman whose passion is so strong that it can carry the army through the dark. Your work ethic, wisdom, suggestions, strategic planning, enthusiasm, kindness, success, training and love for everyone around you is so clear that when I can’t see, I trust you to see for me!! Sisters for life!!!

ChristinaIndependent Beauty Consultant

Roya is a sovereign warrior that practices “no soul left behind” from unleashing ourselves to maximum health and passion. Within an hour of meeting, Roya opened a black box that was hurting my soul and holding me back, and then she gracefully released it into the ocean. That happened because of Roya’s call to give when she sees pain in people who are struggling to be their best. Roya isn’t rehearsed, although trained, and she pulls from her heart and natural talents. This woman is trustworthy and genuinely gifted.

Christie Johnson

You have been such an inspiration to me ever since your NSD debut when you showed me the true Mary Kay Ash spirit. When I was the last person in the room Friday night and you were tired, you took the time to come away from your team members, take my hand, and have your picture taken with me. That was a very meaningful time for me, because as your team members were walking you out the door and I had been waiting soon long to see you, tears welled up in my eyes. You truly have the Mary Kay Ash spirit in your heart. Thank you!!!

Catherine DarkoIndependent Beauty Consultant

During one’s life you can look back and see pivotal people and moments that change the trajectory of your future. Roya is an instrument, a tool in Heavenly Father’s hands with the purpose to enrich, inspire & lift women to new heights. The knowledge she exemplifies in her daily walk through life allows us the ability to imprint, duplicate & thus become the beautifully designed women we were intended to be.

Ashlee CrookIndependent Sales Director

I’ve shared my passion.  They’ve shared their thoughts.

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