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Hi there!  Welcome and thank you for coming to my own little corner of the web!

I’m known for my genuine enthusiasm, love for building a ‘family connection’ in all facets of my life, my passion for learning and love for giving what I learn away.  To me, travel and seeing new cultures is a must! I love to dance, and I believe in transparency, inclusion and determination. When I feel God has called me to do something, it’s my responsibility to figure out how to grow into that person to fulfill the calling. I am deeply spiritual, yet non-judgemental. The books I read are a combination of leadership, health and parenting—and I’m obsessed with TED Talks!  I chose this career path long before I became a parent because I wanted to design a life to be there for my kid’s  BIG and LITTLE moments, and am blessed to be doing JUST THAT. The confidence I’ve acquired has been an immeasurable gift. I love to partner with women to build their confidence, and partner with women that have confidence to give away!

Roya’s Accolades

Introducing National Sales Director, Speaker and Life Coach, Roya Mattis

Meet Roya

Roya started out as a hotel manager at the #1 property of a large hotel chain. She became a Director of Marketing shortly after starting to work her Mary Kay business in October 2000.  She is now one of approximately 225 out of approximately 500,000 independent consultants at the National Sales Director level of Mary Kay.

Her hunger for knowledge and desire to serve led her to complete coaching school and attend and graduate at the MASTERY level of world-renowned life coach, Tony Robbins. She has completed more than 800 hours of concentrated immersion training in everything from business to relationships to health.


Roya has been a keynote speaker across the country, addressing both small groups and audiences of more than 10,000 – moving them to tears and laughter!


After 22 years of marriage, she’s also a newly single mom of 2 beautiful young children and 1 fur-baby!

In her Mary Kay Career, Roya has:

  • Achieved the top level in recruiting, called the Queen’s Court of Sharing, 4 times.  Roya reached the Top 10 ALL four times, the Top 3 three times, and was crowned “The Queen” TWICE!  This means that she was #1 of 250,000 women, helping the MOST new business owners achieve high business success.
  • Achieved the highest level in Mary Kay personal sales, called the National Queen’s Court, 7 times. 
  • Led her personal organization to complete $600,000 in retail sales their first year, finishing in the TOP 3 of her graduating class!
  • Accomplished ALL of the annual achievements in the Company, called Triple Star, 3 times.
Meet Roya
Meet Roya
Meet Roya

Her primary question is, ‘how can I make a significant difference to others’


She is WILD about the lives she gets to touch, change, and learn from!

Introducing National Sales Director, Speaker, Author and Life Coach… Roya Mattis!