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How to Defeat Worry - Robin Sharma

How to Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind to Get What You Want

Five Steps to Change Your Life & Make It Stick

Roya’s Recommended Reading List

  • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (John C Maxwell)
  • 25 Ways to Win with People (John C Maxwell)
  • The Compound Effect (Darren Hardy)
  • Go for No! (Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz)
  • Good to Great (Jim Collins)
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie)
  • Leaders Eat Last (Simon Sinek)
  • Leadership and Self-Deception (The Arbinger Institute)
  • Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood (Jim Fay & Charles Fay)
  • Mary Kay On People Management (Mary Kay Ash)
  • The Mary Kay Way (Mary Kay Ash)
  • Millionaire Babies or Bankrupt Brats (Jim Fay & Kristan Leatherman)
  • More than a Pink Cadillac (Jim Underwood)
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki)
  • Rock Your Network Marketing Business (Sarah Robbins)
  • Stop Self-Sabotage (Pat Pearson)
  • Think & Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)
  • Three Feet from Gold (Sharon Lancaster)
  • You, Inc: The Art of Selling Yourself (Christine Clifford & Harry Beckwith)
  • Your Best Life Now (Joel Osteen)

Attitude – Emotional Cycle

Overcoming Obstacles – Disciplined Schedule (Cynda Worrell)

Overcoming Obstacles – Protecting Your Mind (Cynda Worrell)

Tips for Success (Ken Banks at Magical Advance)

Treat It Like A Business (NSD Lisa Madson)

Emotional Management (Leah Lauchlan) – Emotional Cycle, Self-Coaching #JustGoPee, Vision, Defining Success

Fears & Actions (NSD Gloria Mayfield Banks)

Feeling Stuck – Take Your Business to the Top with a Few Simple Changes (Michelle Cunningham)

Removing Stress from Your Business (NSD Linda Toupin)

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind (NSD Roya Mattis)

Transform Your Belief Barriers

Roya’s Morning Routine for Emotional Health